Tuesday, 7 April 2009

New generation world’s first wave powered boat

New generation world’s first wave powered boat is now a reality. It is not speedy but waves greedy! Called The Suntory Mermaid II, the high-tech boat seems to be the first eco-friendly boat worldwide. Of course you heard sounds of the waves breaking on the shore and it was romantic, was not it? But you possibly did not imagine that these waves could be a futuristic engine for a new generation boats. This ecologically friendly boat is different from what we are used to see. Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Company accomplished its goal by making this miracle boat.

The Suntory Mermaid II is a 3 ton giant which is made of very thin recycled aluminum possible due to aluminum processing technology which prevents it from being heavy. The 3 mm aluminum sheets were used which are smaller than commonly used 5 mm sheets. Thanks to these sheets, the ship becomes more durable and corrosion-proof something other recycled aluminum lacks for. The Suntory Mermaid II is not a fairy tale and it is able to move at about five knots what makes it 2-3 times slower than average boats.

It is real for the 21 century to turn wave energy into propulsive power no matter from where the waves come from. As you can see wave-propulsion technology does not look like the myth. There are no disadvantages, except for those who like high speed cruising. This most advanced eco-friendly boat is reported to be the greenest source for nautical power. The Suntory Mermaid II is also able to be sailed with outboard engine if necessary but the trend it to be a sustainable ship.

The Suntory Mermaid II measures at 9, 5 meters in length which corresponds to 31 feet which one day can be noticed running smoothly near your seaside. This gorgeous ship was developed by Hiroshi Terao of Tokai University. With wave power system available, we are going in the right direction to help our earth out with global warming problems. Principle of operation consists in using wave energy to create propulsive power so that 2 fins under its bow start moving to make a ship go.

The Suntory Mermaid II also uses solar power to provide electricity for its on-board equipment. Power is needed for the navigation light, personal computer, ham radio as well as iridium satellite phone. The boat’s propulsion system is possible thanks to engineering professor at Tokai University in Japan Mr. Yutaka Terao. Ichiro Yokoyama was responsible for the ship’s design and appears to have successfully done his job. The Suntory Mermaid II is going to begin its voyage later this month. Hopefully, renewable energy will not be forgotten.



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